“We arrived home late last night to two boys who were certainly glad to see us but were obviously well cared for in our absence! Although it was late, they sat on our laps in the living room and told us how much they missed us and how they didn’t feel good the first few days, but with excellent care, medicine, and a surprise visit from someone special, they began to perk up!

Once again, you and your team allowed us to enjoy our vacation knowing that you were doing everything that we would be doing to help Willie recover from whatever was upsetting his tummy, and administering Joe’s ointment to his ear that encourages his appetite. We truly can’t think you all enough for being willing to do what needed to be done for our babies.

While we were gone, my husband and I spoke at least once a day, sometimes several times a day, about how grateful we are for each of you and how thankful and blessed we have been for YEARS for the truly wonderful care you all provide. Our sincerest thanks to all of you!!!
” – Tina J.