People love to travel but people also love their pets. So, who will take care of pets while their humans are travelling? Similarly, now that more people are headed back to the office instead of working remotely, who will check on pets while their humans are gone for several hours? And, what about the anxiety that some pets might be feeling as their best-human-friends are no longer there with them all day, practically every day? What if Fido or Fluffy are taking medication? Finally, what about the puppy or kitten that was adopted (hopefully rescued) sometime during the last several months and needs to be checked on during the day?

People don’t want just anyone in their home but do want to be sure that not only are their pets taken care of, but that their home is secure and safe. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt for any packages to not be left sitting on the front porch for pirates to permanently borrow and it probably wouldn’t hurt to be sure the mail is brought in each day so it won’t stay in the mailbox too long, especially if an important piece of mail is expected!

While it may be convenient and cheaper to ask a neighbor, friend, or family member to watch pets, it may not always be the best choice. What if there is (heaven forbid) an emergency; is this person capable of performing first aid/CPR on the pet or knowing what to do in case of a tornado or fire, for example? What if the pet escapes or if he/she cannot be found? Will this person provide updates and send pictures of pets during each of their visits? What if this person has an emergency or a forgotten appointment and cancels at the last minute or, worse, leaves pet(s) unattended and forgets to lock the door on their way out?

Licensed, bonded, and insured professional pet sitters like Odds & Ends, LLC and many others across the country, come with a ton of training, real-world experience, and compassion, all with the goal of providing an exceptional experience for both the client and their pet(s). Customized service for each client is so important because every pet has their own style, routine, and preferences. The goal is to minimize anxiety and disruption for the pet by ensuring their regular routine, in their own comfortable home, surrounded by familiar sounds, smells, and sights, is carefully followed. 

Professional pet care providers utilize technology and software to keep their clients regularly updated about their pets well-being and care and most will send pictures as well, to give clients peace of mind and knowledge that their pet is in great hands. This is so important!

There is no substitute for having a professional pet care provider, whether hired for a few hours, a few days or longer. There is great peace of mind for the client in knowing their pets and property are being properly cared for and treated with respect and compassion. 

Odds & Ends, LLC provides professional pet care services for Bartow County and surrounding areas and is a proud member of Pet Sitters International; find us on the web at